VOCOPRO | WirelessMix-2 All-In-One Live Sound / Karaoke Mixer with 2 UHF Wireless Mics and SD Audio Recorder

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VOCOPRO | WirelessMix-2 All-In-One Live Sound / Karaoke Mixer with 2 UHF Wireless Mics and SD Audio Recorder

The WirelessMix-2 from VocoPro is an all-in-one professional mixing solution with 6 channels, 8 inputs, up to 4 wireless microphones, and up to four stereo expansion slots. Channels 1-4 feature XLR microphone inputs with phantom power (+48V), 1/4" TS inputs, and 1/4" TRS channel inserts (send-tip, return-ring). Channels 5&6 and 7&8 offer both stereo RCA and stereo 1/4" inputs. All channels offer gain trim, pan, 3-band EQ, aux send, and digital effects sends.

The mixer offers balanced XLR main outputs, stereo RCA recording outputs, and stereo RCA pre outputs. Additional outputs include a 1/4" TRS headphone output and a video output, which functions with the optional DKP-3 digital player module installed. The WirelessMix-2 ships with two UHF wireless microphones, two UHM wireless receiver modules (installed), the SDR-4 digital SD recorder/player (installed), two antennas, and a power cord.

  • Eight input channels available; each with dedicated Tone, Pan and Effect controls
  • Four XLR microphone inputs with +48 Phantom Power Toggle and Mic Inserts
  • Four mono line inputs for either Microphones or Instruments
  • Stereo Inputs Available: 2x L/R 1/4" Mono (TS), 2x RCA
  • Stereo Outputs Available: 2x RCA-Record, 1x L/R XLR-Main
  • On-Board DSP Microphone Effects: Echo, Repeat, Delay, Reverb & Hiss Filter
  • Vocal Cancel Feature for Multiplexed Karaoke Tracks
  • Package Includes: 2x UHF wireless handheld microphones with 2x receivers installed. (with an additional 2 Module Slots available for optional onboard Wireless Microphone Receiver Modules: UMH & UMH-5805)
  • Package Includes: 1x SDR-4 digital SD recorder/player installed (with an additional 3 Stereo Expansion Slots Available for Added Input Capability with optional Stereo Expansion Modules: DKP-3, Air-Net 2, & BT-1)


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