VOCOPRO | UDH-PLAY-4-MIB Four Channel Wireless Headset/Lapel Microphone System In A Bag

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VOCOPRO | UDH-PLAY-4-MIB Four Channel Wireless Headset/Lapel Microphone System In A Bag

The most affordable UHF microphone system with Mic-On-Chip technology just got better! VocoPro's UDH wireless headset/lapel microphone system combines digital signal processing technology with a traditional analog UHF transmitter; making it the best value on the market for professional and reliable wireless systems.

And for the first time in the wireless microphone history, VocoPro is shipping this four channel wireless headset/lapel microphone system pre-installed in a custom gig bag! Everything needed to set up is right there in the bag: the customer needs only to connect the included XLR cable to their equipment and they're ready to rock the house!

The reliability of its future-proof 900MHz band operation makes it a perfect model for schools or churches that do not have a dedicated sound technician, or a great turnkey solution for production rental companies. 

  • Industry's First Self-Contained 4 Channel Wireless Headset/Lapel System/li>
  • Includes: 4 Bodypacks with 4 Headsets and 4 Lavalieres
  • Receivers and Accessories Installed In Road Ready Gig Bag*
  • Operates in the 900 MHz Band, which is free of TV Station Interference
  • All-in-one wireless Mic-On-Chip has a pre-amp, compressor, and expander onboard
  • Uses proven analog UHF transmission technology for better range and reliability
  • Plug and Play design requires no microphone syncing set-up

  • Rear Panel Connectors (per system):
    Power in
    XLR channel 1 out
    XLR channel 2 out
    1/4" unbalanced out


    *UDH-PLAY-4-MIB package comprised of 2 UDH-DUAL-B systems


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