VOCOPRO | MIB-QUAD-8H 8 Channel Wireless Handheld Mic-In-Bag Package

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VOCOPRO | MIB-QUAD-8H 8 Channel Wireless Handheld Mic-In-Bag Package

Microphone System in a Bag Ready for Schools, Churches, Bands, Stage Production, and Rentals

VocoPro's multi-channel wireless microphone systems have the best value between performance and cost, that's why we are the top seller for many of the top M.I. Dealers across the nation.

But we didn't stop there! On top of making our multi-channel microphone systems more reliable and sound even better with our new mic-on-chip technology, we've stepped up and packaged them with a professional custom gig-bag and balanced XLR cables so it is even easier to use and transport.


  • 8 Wireless Handheld Microphones
  • Each Channel Has a Dedicated XLR Output and Volume Control
  • Future Proof 900MHz Frequency Band
  • 24-Bit Digital Technology Delivers a Clean, Professional Quality Sound
  • Individual Digital Microphone IDs Eliminates Channel Cross-Talk
  • Wide Frequency Response (50 – 20,000 Hz) Ensures Natural Sounding Vocals
  • Two 1/4" Mixed Outputs Available
  • Brackets Included for the Flexibility of Mounting in a Rack Case
  • Two Different Frequency Sets Available; A total of 16 frequencies
  • Includes BAG-28, Heavy Duty Gig-Ready Bag

    Rear Panel Connections:
    Power in, 1/4" Audio Out, 4 XLR Audio Outputs (Per system)

    Mounting Brackets, 1/4" Patch Cable, Power Adapter (Per system)

    Package Accessories:
    BAG-28, 2x XLR Cables

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