MUSUBI Media KHD-1000 Innovative Smart Multi HDD Karaoke Player - 1TB - Licenced English 1800 Songs

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MUSUBI Media KHD-1000 Innovative Smart Multi HDD Karaoke Player - 1TB - Licenced English 1800 Songs

CLICK HERE FOR THE SONG LIST-Licenced English 1800 Songs 

MUSUBI MEDIA is releasing MUSUBI MEDIA KHD-1000, our most advanced karaoke player specially built for commercial use! Some of the highlighted features of MUSUBI MEDIA KHD-1000 are:

  • Most powerful Karaoke machine in the market
  • Built-in coin port for 24/7 vending & rental service
  • PCTool for easy integration with CDG files
  • Mobile Song book available on App
  • Adaptable camera for live recording and streaming
  • Instant mobile uploading to share your best Karaoke moments on YouTube
  • Global language support
  • Compact size & light weight design
  • End-user friendly UI 

1. Record your own singing as an video/audio by connecting USB camera.

3. Powerful song search function

4. Easily add songs from other countries.

5. Hard drive protect function, locks hard drive so no one can copy-lock / unlock control available

6. You can use the scoring function when connecting the microphone to the main unit.

7. Powerful PC Tools - easy manage your songs, easy import and export songs, easy edit song titles, easy and fast delete or add songs, upload background videos and photos.

Ability to easily insert CDG or MTV files into hard drive

Ability to edit your own songs easily



  • Made for commercial use and has a coin port for use as a vending system.
  • Created PC TOOL to easily insert, transfer, upload, manage various country songs, songs from other brand karaoke players, and your own songs. 


  • Support VIDEO format: AVI, RMVB, RM, MKV, MPG, WMV, etc.
  • Support AUDIO format: MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, etc.
  • Support PHOTO format: JPG, BMP, GIF, etc.
  • Supports 1080P Full HD
  • Delicate and sophisticated GUI support
  • Karaoke function support for commercial use
  • Easily upload songs from CDG, MTV and MP3 to your karaoke device
  • MIDI song support
  • Song DB indexing and various song search function by Country, Title/Singer, Favorite, Popular
  • CDG, MTV song support
  • MTV VOCAL ON/OFF support
  • Supports various national songs such as English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Spanish, etc.
  • KEY/TEMPO functions support
  • Digital MIC/ECHO VOLUME support
  • Various background image (BGV) support and BGV support using CAM
  • Support recording and CAM recording function
  • Use personal VIDEO/PHOTO as background image for karaoke
  • Support Coin and Time function
  • MIDI EQ adjustment, Score adjustment, Greeting registration
  • IOS/Android APP support
  • Songbook function
  • Remote control function
  • Transferring messages and pictures to karaoke machine (Background support)
  • Downloading, playing, and sharing your recording files of karaoke player to your personal phone
  • MULTIMEDIA support other than karaoke machine
  • Listening music, electronic frame, movie viewing function
  • MIRACAST function of Android phone
  • Easy FW update (update via USB or FTP SERVER)
  • Wireless USB connection support
  • When using the internet, it supports English keyboard, USB, and virtual keyboard 


  • Front FND display support and back light button support
  • 2 Microphone Inputs
  • 2xUSB port: USB device connection (USB keyboard, mouse, Webcam, Wireless Dongle
  • 1xHDMI port
  • 1xLAN Port
  • Coin, Score-in, External BGV port support
  • Karaoke function support
  • Digital Mic, Echo Volume Knob
  • Using large capacity HDD (removable)
*Please note all Hard Drive based machines are customized and cannot be returned or refunded once the machine has shipped.

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