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Repair / Installation Service

ABC karaoke serve excellent karaoke machine diagnostic, repair and Karaoke System Installation services to customer in affordable price.  
We cover all island of Oahu. Come visit us or contact

(Repair Service Rate Fee)
Diagnostic: Per Visit, Per Item $40.00
Repair:Every Half Hour $60.00
*With repair: Diagnostic less than one hour will be no charge.
*With repair: Diagnostic over one hour will be charged separately.

(Installation Service Rate Fee)
*One Time  Installation up to 2hours flat fee $259.00(Per Visit , Per Installation)
*After 2 hours/Every half hour $90 will be add.
*ABCkaraoke is not responsible for the any further karaoke system conditions, after abckaraoke is done with a one time (Per Visit , Per Installation) service completion.


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