• Install & Repair Service

Install / Repair Service

While it is important to get the right price and quality of products, it is just as important to consider install and repair service and the overall experience.

We are expertise in dealing with install equipments and repair equipment problems after manufacturers warranty expired. We are dedicated to providing total quality services and products to all our customers.
Our professional technicians will travel anywhere in the island of Hawaii to help you set up your system & repair if necessary.

Please contact lnfo@abckaraoke.com or Drop off your machines at 935 Dillingham Blvd #50 Honolulu, HI 96817.
ABC karaoke retail store: 1-808-626-5159
ABC karaoke store hours:  Mon ~ Sun  10:00AM to 5:00PM

Repair Service Rate Fee

  • Diagnostic: Per Visit, Per Item $40.00
  • Repair:Every Half Hour $60.00
  • *With repair: Diagnostic less than one hour will be no charge.
  • *With repair: Diagnostic over one hour will be charged separately.


Installation Service Rate Fee

One Time Installation up to 2hours flat fee $259.00 (Per Visit, Per Installation)
After 2hours, $90.00 per every half hour will be added.

ABC karaoke
ABC karaoke is a karaoke equipment retail store, large karaoke machine distributor at Hawaii. We offer one stop shopping for all of your karaoke supplies needs for home and commercial use. Since we are a top distributor in the island, you will find our low prices and the large selections of top luxurious name brand to reasonable name brand products available with us. We are in the business of entertaining you and your family and guests, so we want to make every moment of your shopping and singing experience memorable and enjoyable. We provide Karaoke Players, Amplifiers, Speakers, Microphones, Karaoke Recorders, Karaoke Monitors, Karaoke System Packages, Magicsing & Magicsing Chips, Microky and All Other Accessories. Our variety karaoke song selections are: English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Korean, Thai, Japanese, Hawaiian and more. Shop with confidence, ABC Karaoke will satisfy your karaoke needs. Thank you for your business.